About Progen

A leading Healthcare provider in UAE with presence across different locations uses Revenue Analytics Solution from ProGen
Reduction in Rejections & Receivables Aging, Process Improvements, and better negotiation with payers are some of the Business Benefits from Revenue Analytics framework
Information turn around time reduced from days to few clicks
Customers can start getting returns on their investments within first year of deployment of the Revenue Analytics framework

Healthcare Providers are under pressure to improve the quality of care while simultaneously facing declining reimbursement, increased risk, and margin pressure. For many healthcare organizations, maximizing revenue efficiency and improving the areas of medical billing, coding and accounts receivables management are paramount to achieve success in the competitive healthcare environment. Driven by the need to reduce operating costs and cope with trickling reimbursement rates, healthcare organizations are looking forward to vendors with the right Revenue Analytics Solution.

With the Revenue Analytics Framework from ProGen, Healthcare Providers can automate most of their manual tasks that go behind tracking and managing of receivables and payer outstanding. Information that currently takes hours and days to be churned out f rom the HIS and transactional systems can be made available in form of interactive analytical visuals and reports in few clicks. Insurance & Finance teams get a strong boost to their efforts of improving the company receivables & revenue realizations.

Case Study
A Leading Healthcare Service Provider in UAE with Hospitals and Clinics across the UAE uses Revenue Management Solution from ProGen to improve the efficiency of their Revenue Cycle and empower their Finance, Insurance, & Operations team with analytical dashboards and reports. With the Revenue Management Solution deployment, provider has moved away from Excel based manual reporting to an automated online analytical system that their team now uses for monitoring and managing the entire Revenue lifecycle. Various parameters and indicators have been configured for the customer to create a effective decision-making environment that can lead to a higher ROI in a shorter span of time.