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Digital Transformation

Helping Companies Drive Excellence with Digital Transformation

At Progen, we help companies embrace Digital as the New Normal for doing business by helping them Transform their Existing Processes to a Digital Landscape

We help business teams ideate, discover, develop, and deploy smarter and more efficient digital technologies leading to AI Driven Automation that increases business efficiency & delivers a superior user experience


Helping Businesses unlock the power of Generative AI

We help customers identify, assess & implement the right solutions powered by Generative AI models that can help them improve productivity and enhance customer satisfaction

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With more than 2 decades of experience in Data & Analytics domain, our team works with customers helping them generate insights from their enterprise data by leveraging on various Analytics Technologies and Machine Learning Algorithms

Conversational AI

We help customers build & deploy highly scalable Conversational AI Chatbots that can help them improve customer service and automate various manual processes 

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Control Towers

Control Towers powered by Advanced Analytics and ML Algorithms help enterprises get better visibility & control over their operations thereby helping them take better decisions and corrective actions

Business Intelligence Dashboards & Reports

We help customers design, build, & deploy state-of-the art Business Intelligence Dashboards & Reports. Our team has deep domain expertise across leading BI Tools such as Power BI & Tableau and has deployed successful BI Solutions across different customers and geographies

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Data Engineering

Our dedicated team of Data Experts work with customers and help them with a wide set of functions in the Data Engineering domain such as:  Data Pipelines, Data warehousing, Data Lakes, ETL/ELT Queries, Data Strategy and Analytics Schema Design etc.

Business Consultation

Technology Expertise

We leverage on AI/ML and Generative AI Technologies in our Solutions that help in delivering smart & actionable insights for taking more informed & real time business decisions

Our team brings strong technology expertise in areas related to: Data Engineering, Cloud Data Migration, Data warehouse & Data Lake Development, Dashboards, Predictive Analytics, BI, Conversational AI and Large Language Models

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"We Help Customers Build EXCELLENCE in Decision-Making"

Get in Touch

We’re happy to hear from you. Contact us today to learn more about our business and how you can benefit from working with us.

USA: +1 425 786 6663

India: +91 98998 88099

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